The primary purpose of the faculty is; qualified and qualified middle and upper level managerial candidates, tourist guides and executive chefs (cooks) who know at least two foreign languages for the tourism sector by providing contemporary, scientific and quality education and training. The next goals of the faculty are; To continuously analyze innovations in the tourism sector, to carry out academic research in this subject and to train academicians to carry out these researches, to participate as an active or listener at national and international meetings, seminars, congresses organized by other institutions, contribute to social development by organizing programs and ensuring that the community benefits from the educational potential.


It is clear that the innovatıons reguired by the age, have free and scientific thinking, respectful of the law, producing, discussing, to be serve of thinking and responsibility to the economy of country and community , educating graduates be able to cope with global competition and to be one of the most successful and first ranked tourism faculties of the country.