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Interest in Gastronomy and Culinary Arts has increased in our country as in the whole world in recent years and has become an important profession.  Gastronomy is the transformation of food and drinking culture into science and art. Gastronomy is not just a process for preparing and consuming foodstuffs. It is a science that includes the studies of understanding, applying and developing all the features in details starting from the historical development of food and beverages. The methods and approaches used in gastronomic studies are inherently interdisciplinary, as they are compiled from other disciplines.


Faculty of Tourism, Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Department aims to train researchers and innovative young executive chefs who are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills, have high analytical thinking and communication skills, and can compete at the international level. Students take the courses of complementary preparation and scientific preparation in their first year.  At Bachelor’s degree (4 years of education program). The art of gastronomy does not only mean cooking. For this reason, theoretical classes with the necessary practical classes enable the students to be educated as visionary gastronomers by taking the cultural and scientific infrastructure and in all areas related to food.