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TO OUR IĞDIR, the land of nature, history and culture,
OUR IĞDIR UNIVERSITY, which prioritizes science, knowledge generation and use,
OUR TOURISM FACULTY, which has set the goal of raising tourism professionals in the understanding of ecotourism…

I would like to introduce you our Faculty and Iğdır. But it occurred to me to go out of the ordinary and do something different. Are you ready to get to know and introduce our Faculty in nine items and our Iğdır in thirty-three items? Because what I have done will be your primary duty from now on! Because now we are members of the great Iğdır University Family and honorary citizens of Iğdır. Say what? Shall we begin?


• It was established with the publication of the decision numbered 2013/4716 taken at the meeting of the Council of Ministers on April 29, 2013, in the Official Gazette dated May 31, 2013 and numbered 28663,

• For the formation of the academic staff, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Hakkı Alma became the Rector of our University in 2017 and it is expected for about four years until he takes on the acting deanship,

• Our faculty member, who was appointed to the academic staff of our faculty was Gülşen BAYAT,

• He was appointed as the deputy dean of our faculty in 2018 by Prof. Dr. Rüstem GÜL was brought,

• Prof. Dr. During the term of Rüstem GÜL, students (46 students) were admitted to the Department of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts in the Fall semester of the 2019-2020 academic year, and they started education,

• In 2021, our Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Hakki remains in Alma's responsibility,

• Giresun University Tourism Faculty founding dean Prof. Dr. Musa Genç has been serving as the first appointed dean of our Faculty since November 15, 2021, upon his appointment as the dean by YÖK upon the request of the Rector's Office of our University in 2021,

• There were Gastronomy and Culinary Arts and Tourism Management Departments in its establishment, but it was only a student in the Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Department,

• As of the end of the 2021-2022 academic year, 155 students continue their education,

• Under the leadership of our University, the Department of Interdisciplinary Ecotourism was established in 2022 within the Graduate Education Institute, Dean Prof. Dr. Musa Genç has been appointed as the head of the Ecotourism Department and students have been accepted to the Interdisciplinary Ecotourism Master's Program in the 2022-2023 Fall Semester.

Although the air you breathe right now is not the air breathed by many people of different origins who have dominated these lands from the Paleolithic Age to the present, there are definitely traces of them in the places you step on. My request from you, please, always remember this historical fact and make tourism. It is your duty before every professional to protect the natural, historical and cultural heritage and convey it to our next generation, and this approach is ecotourism itself.

Beaches with its sea, sand, sun; You have the right to use mushrooms, insects, plants, animals, caves, travertines, lakes, rivers, high mountains, high mountains and forests, in short, the whole nature as a touristic resource, so if it is legal, you can benefit from it. But these riches have not been inherited by you; It has been entrusted to your future generations so that you can pass it on as you benefit at least. So if you can't protect it, don't touch it! If he has come as far as you, he will reach the next generation himself. As long as it doesn't break the balance...

Those who protect or do not protect the touristic resources are always internal to it, and the resources are protected to the extent that they bring material and moral gain. For this reason, make sure that the majority of the income stays with the resource owner, that is, at the local level, both while making tourism.

My last word: Do not compromise on the understanding of ecotourism while making and making tourism.
With love…