Dear Students,

Tourism is a very important sector that is developing and growing day by day, providing important economic income to countries and accelerating the development of countries. Tourism is a sector supported by the government for the elimination of economic imbalances between regions as well. According to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) statistics, it is estimated that the total number of tourists in the world will double by 2030 and reach 1.8 billion, and 1 out of 11 people will be employed in the tourism sector. The purpose of our faculty is to train middle and upper level management candidates, tourist guides and executive chefs (cooks) for tourism sector who know at least two foreign languages by providing a modern, scientific and high quality education and training

Tourism Faculty was established in Igdir province located in the foothills of Turkey's highest mountain Ararat and borders three countries (Azerbaijan in the east, Iran in the southeast, and Armenia in the northern and north-eastern in 2013. The Faculty of Tourism has four departments: Gastronomy and Culinary Arts, Recreation Management, Tourism Guidance, and Tourism Administration Departments.

Do not doubt that we will show the necessary sensitivity to make you become an individual who are principled, honest, hardworking and knowing the team spirit well. In the context of tourism education; we will make great efforts to provide you similar curriculum to those from the best universities and faculties in Turkey with our outstanding academic staff.

As a new faculty of a new university, I feel and know that with this awareness, all my friends and students are ready to do their best. I would like to thank everyone who contributed and wish a healthy, happy and successful education and training period.