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To raise individuals who are required in the relevant sector, know at least one foreign language well and can work internationally, have basic gastronomy and culinary arts theory and general business knowledge, have managerial qualities, communication skills and questioning thoughts, are prone to teamwork and successful in human relations. , to make students sensitive about creating social benefits, not leaving ethical understanding, developing applications within the framework of social responsibility, preparing projects for the needs and demands that arise in line with sectoral developments, contributing to the solution of current and potential problems, constantly examining innovations, both theoretical and practical. conducting academic research and training faculty members who will carry out these researches, institutions providing gastronomy and culinary arts education in national and international fields and To cooperate with businesses to ensure that students are better trained and that education programs and opportunities are constantly updated and improved.



During the undergraduate education, it is aimed to improve the students' practical and theoretical knowledge by giving courses about food technology, food legislation, food hygiene, nutrition principles, as well as courses related to management, marketing, business and tourism. In addition, our department has adopted the vision of contributing to the promotion and dissemination of national and international fields by basing the Turkish cuisine culture and original local recipes in the light of science. It aims to be a world-class faculty that is known for the individuals it has trained in tourism and academia, scientific studies and innovations, mentioned with its experience and expertise, and which leads the way with its future perspective and change ability.